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Custom Builds that are Bold.

 We are a full turn key shop from design, estimate, managing, and build amazing exhibits for our clients. We can also provide help with the clients' show services with their drayage, electrical, install, and dismantle of exhibit, installation, or rigging.

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Why is Be Unique Exhibits different?

We value relationships! There is a reason our founder John Brooks has a trustworthy reputation that spans across the tradeshow industry as he and his entire team value relationships above all. Relationships are built on trust, and Be Unique Exhibits is focused on developing and maintaining it. Internally, we hold each other accountable to promises and we lean on each other to produce the best possible results. Our leadership team also provides ongoing training reinforcing trustworthy habits at work. 

Externally, we present unbiased solutions that make sense for our clients, with their best interests in mind. We also commit to a simple, but effective practice of always doing what we say we'll do.

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Unique creative designs with detailed fabrication. Here's the many SERVICES we offer:

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    Stand Out

    Your custom exhibit booths at any tradeshow are a critical part of your marketing strategy. They are your opportunity to make a first impression on potential customers and partners, and to showcase your products and services in the best possible light.

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    We can help you create trade show exhibits that are both eye-catching and effective. We have a team of experienced designers and fabricators who can work with you to create a custom exhibit that meets your specific needs and budget.

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    Stay ahead of the Game

    We incoporate the latest in 3D design and AI assisted application software to give you a cutting edge experience 

Why Exhibit at a Tradeshow?

*Sources: Desig n Shop, Jobs In Marketing, Display Wizard, Quick Tap Survey, Statista, Lead Liason

  • 38% savings

    Converting a trade show lead is 38% less expensive than relying on sales calls alone.

  • $15.6B revenue

    Trade shows generate $15.6 billion in revenue for exhibitors.

  • 4:1 return

    Companies can see a 4:1 return on investment (ROI) for their trade show expenditures.

3D Design vs Actual Fabs

We utilize the latest 3D design software tools coupled with our builder skillset to produce the boldest exhibit fabrications seen all over the world. 

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Hassle-free booth construction

Our team takes care of the entire booth construction process, allowing you to focus on preparing for the trade show.

Experience designs that are bold

Our team excels in creating stunning and functional booth designs that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. We expertly handle every aspect of the construction process, allowing you to confidently focus on preparing for the trade show.

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3D Designs that come to Life

No build too small or large. You imagine it, We follow through.

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Why Exhibit at a Tradeshow?

*Sources: Desig n Shop, Jobs In Marketing, Display Wizard, Quick Tap Survey, Statista, Lead Liason

  • 92% attendees

    According to 92% of trade show attendees, their main reason for attending is to see new products being showcased.

  • 76% brand recognition

    Trade shows help increase brand recognition by 76%.

  • 71% win

    71% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) won business using face-to-face networking at trade shows.

Builder-to-Builder Program

Partner with us anytime with our awesome Builder-to-Builder Program.


Meet our resident REBELS!

With over 30 years of experience and a proven track record of producing award-winning exhibits, we are dedicated to providing exceptional design, fabrication, installation, and logistics services.

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    John Brooks

    John is a proud United States Navy Veteran with over 20 years of Management Experience. He is a proven leader who leads by example and uses creativity and sound engineering to meet the client's objectives.

  • Jordon brooks
    Jordon Brooks
    Project Manager

    Jordon oversees every project, warehouse operation, and installation and dismantling of every exhibit produced by Be Unique Exhibits.

Veteran-Owned and Operated

John is a United States Navy veteran and he takes pride in coming from a military family. After serving his country, John is very disciplined and has an unmatched drive. He is results-oriented and has the unique ability to always find a solution to every problem that arises. He prides himself on being the best that he can be for his team and his clients. John loves to be positive, not only promoting positivity in the workplace but also in everyday life.


Viva Las Vegas!

With more than 9 million square feet of exhibition and meeting space, Las Vegas is truly the tradeshow capital of North America. 

Be Unique Exhibits is located at the heart of tradeshows in the exciting city of Las Vegas, where the city never sleeps. 

  • (562) 299-3040
  • address: 4680 W Silverado Ranch Blvd, Suite 140, Las Vegas, Nevada 89139 USA

Our Vegas Office

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